"Average" Alaskan's ED chance for Princeton

<p>Hey guys, Im "average" compared to some of you, so I was just wondering what my chances for Princeton ED would be.</p>

<p>Asian Male in Anchorage, AK
SATS: 1490 (740M 750V)
SAT II: Math 2c:750
Writing: 740
Chemistry: 660 (Ugh)
Lit: Planning to take probably 700-750
GPA: 4.1 (Weighted). 3.84 (UW), RANK 4/500 (ish)</p>

<p>My classes are the most rigorous at my school and Im taking Calc BC at a different High school. I could have taken it at the local college, but I couldn't due to family problems.</p>

Anchorage Youth Symphony -Student Representative </p>

<p>Model UN</p>

<p>NHS (VP and President)</p>

<p>Science and Engineering Club (Treasurer, couldn't hold office senior yeat because our bylaws stated that president could hold no other leadership positions in other clubs)</p>

<p>Gifeted Mentorship Program (Worked with our mayor's adminstration dealing with youth violence)</p>

<p>Tennis (Varsity)</p>

<p>XC Skiing (I suck at it, but its fun)</p>

<p>NYLC at Washington DC
Technology Forum at San Jose</p>

<p>UAF Fine Arts camp (Played principal player at the orchestra pit, could no longer do it because the camp was closed for remodeling)</p>

<p>AWANA Leader (Taught 6th grade boys and 5th grade girls)</p>

<p>Tutored kids in math and science</p>

<p>Went to Tiajuana Freshen year with YWAM, and to a Navajo Reservation with a different church. </p>

<p>Helped out at my mom's florist shop alot during holidays (ugh, Valentine's day, so busy) and summers. </p>

<p>I'm also in a fledgling local band, for vocals and electric violin...</p>

<p>A few of other worthless school recognitions.</p>

<p>I've also had a pretty hard family life growing up and its not getting easier. I'm sure that the Adcoms have to take this into account as well, right?</p>

<p>Good chance, good luck man. The location obviously helps, will put you over the edge more than anything else.</p>

<p>bumpetty bump bump</p>

<p>pretty good stats coming from alaska! you'll have a good chance anywhere you apply. damn affirmative action lol</p>

<p>how can you be a vp and president for NHS?</p>

<p>vp junior year and president Senior year.. hehehe, sorry for the mix up.</p>