Average freshman GPA!?

<p>So what's the average freshman GPA at Carnegie? </p>

<p>If I had to pick a major, I'm wondering more about mechanical engineering and bioengineering. I've heard of 2.7-2.8's at other rigorous colleges...</p>

<p><em>wide eyes</em> ahhh</p>

<p>yes around there we are. ppl get higher, but i talked to the career services and they said that around a 2.7-8 is around normal</p>

<p>thanks, augi7</p>

<p>Why is it that low?</p>

<p>CMU only gives grades A, B, C , D . There are no + or - grades
That is one of the reason.</p>

<p>Freshman year is also the "weed out" year for most majors. ECE and CS have it especially tough.</p>

<p>Really? They purposely make freshmen year the toughest?</p>

Do you want CMU to be easy? Don't worry, good study habits and time management will do you well. parent.</p>

<p>It depends on your major/professor, Bio has some tough first semester classes, ECE and CS do as well. It isn't purposely done, per se--but for many Freshmen it is their first time taking very competitive college classes and they may find themselves at a loss.</p>

<p>Most students discover that organization and getting a tutor early or forming study groups are essential parts of their college experience instead of going it alone. Many have to get used to asking for help for the first time. In terms of CS, the workload can be very surprising to people. Many don't anticipate spending 9 hours on one program, and then going onto work in other classes. CMU is the hardest working undergrad campus, but most students will find that the best way to combat feeling overwhelmed is to be organized and set priorities.</p>

<p>Well I never said that I wanted CMU to be easy... I just asked "They purposely make freshmen year the toughest?" It was just suprising that freshmen year would be tougher than say the upper years... (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) I thought freshmen year would be the time where students would get to know each other and have the smallest workload. I thought that students would start knuckling down in the later years when they have gotten used to the system.</p>

<p>is it tougher at cmu or berkeley. And if it is how much tougher would it be? is cmu classes curved? meaning that it would have a distribution of A b c d's or ??</p>