Average gpa and test scores for UM-Ann Harbor

<p>whats the average gpa of admitted freshman and their test scores(SAT or ACT)???</p>

<p>Well first of all, it's Ann Arbor.</p>

<p>^sorry dude, my bad. so...do you know the average?</p>

<p>SAT/ACT data always comes out for every school in the summer. It will be different this year than any previous because they were much more selective this year. As for GPA, there probably aren't any official numbers out there but just shoot for the highest grades you can get. That's the safe way to go.</p>

<p>There is a difference between Instate and OOS as well, but if you can get a 3.7+ gpa and 2100+ SAT (30+ ACT). You should be in good shape.</p>

<p>For admitted students (last year)</p>

<p>MID 50% GPA: 3.7-4.0

<p>MID 50% SAT RANGE (not superscored): 1960-2200 (1300-1500 CR + M)
AVERAGE SAT (not superscored): 2080 (1400 CR + M)</p>

<p>MID 50% ACT RANGE: 28-32

<p>That's for the class of 2014. I am not sure how this year's stats will look like, but given the 20%+ increase in applications, I expect the ranges and averages to rise a little.</p>