Average GPA, Pretty high SATs Please rate my chances

<p>My GPA has been 3.629 in grade 9
3.677 in grade 10
3.833 in grade 11</p>

<p>Leaving my total GPA over the 3 years to be 3.71</p>

<p>and I have yet to graduate in year 12. Along with one more report. (one more GPA)</p>

<p>My highest SAT scores have been 2290 with MATH:800
WR: 750
I have yet to do my SAT subject tests in October and will be aiming for full marks. I will be applying early in October, as early decision to Cornell.</p>

<p>I have been playing soccer for ages and as a member of the soccer team, have won dozens of tournaments with our school team. Have quite a lot of work experience to write on and volunteer work. </p>

<p>I am also an international student who took the edexcel o levels (10 A's, 1 B) and awaiting for my AS level results. </p>

<p>And finally, one last question, does anyone know if the O level results will be incorporated in to the GPA of grade 10? That's the same year I did my O levels. (Btw for the grade 10 GPAs I've written above I have incorporated my O level results in that grade 10 GPA)</p>

<p>Thank you very much for you time (:</p>

<p>You're totally speaking a foreign language here with all this reference to your school. But you SAT looks good and your gpa is 'alright'. I would say go for it, but have a back up. I would also try to get more ECs.</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>