average guy applying to Cornell ED. Chances?

<p>Alright, believe me when I say I understand that I'm not guarenteed in, or even have a good shot. I'm just wondering if it's worth applying to Cornell (dream school) under ED. I mean, does anyone think I have a chance?</p>

<p>Founded debate team in my school
300+ community service hours
teach a third grade class at my church every week
President of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
-Member at Large (which is essentially a regional leader)
I took all the AP classes my school offered and everything else was honors
took 1 one community college class
Am taking 5 AP and 2 college duel enrollment classes
A's and 2 B's throughout High school
4.83 GPA (out of 5.3 I believe)
9th in a class of nearly 700 (however, I go to a public school in a... slightly "ghetto" area)
Active Key Club memeber
National Honors Society
Eagle scout (with 1 palm)
Fervent skiier with 3 years of ski club
4 years of soccer
-club soccer since I was 4
4 years of volleyball
Treasurer of my class (junior), Vice Pres (senior)
student government involvement for 4 years (including Student Gov Treasurer)
SADD member (9th-12th)
Mock Trial (11th, 12th)
(strategy club/Deca in 9th grade, so i guess that doesn't count)
Prom Committee
Camp Neidig Leadership Camp (nominated by my school)
My city dedicated a day specifically to me for my eagle project, so it was <em>first name</em> <em>last name</em> day. so i guess that's pretty cool. as far as awards go, I recieved a "high honors" award that a bunch of kids in my school get.</p>

<p>SAT II's 680 - Math 1 670 - US History 590 - Literature
SAT I - 1270 (Math + Reading) 1910 overall<-- I feel pretty damn confident that will go up
AP's - 5 on Language and Composition, 3 on history</p>

<p>I'm pretty close with a few teachers, So I'm not worried about</p>

<p>Background Info: White male from a divorced family at poverty level. I have a year-round job.</p>

<p>Again, I'm just wondering if anyone thinks I have a shot at the College of Arts and Sciences. If you don't think I do based on grades, would it be worth waiting for regular admissions? any other suggestions? Advice? Other schools?</p>