Average guy knocking at the door...chances?

<p>Average guy knocking at the door...chances? </p>


<p>I would greatly appreciate any advice and predictions for an average scored, white kid from Podunk, Utah. I'm trying to get out of my state and into some top colleges, but I'm not sure I'm quite good enough.</p>

<p>SAT: CR: 700, Math 670, Writing 660
Subject SAT: U.S. History 770, Literature 670
AP Tests: Calculus AB 4, U.S. History 4, European History 3
ACT: 32
GPA: 3.95 (unweighted)
Class Rank: 41 out of 371 (We have 23 4.0's because it's unweighted, and kids get away with taking slacker classes and getting 4.0's GRRRRRR)</p>

<p>Academic Awards:
National Merit Semi-Finalist
AP Scholar
Coke Scholar Semi-Finalsit (Does this count for anything besides money?)
(Not many, I know)</p>

AP English
AP Government Comaparative and U.S (Self Study)
Russian (Self Study)
Business 1500
Family Human Development 1400
Biology 1010
Chemistry 1010
Gym, Drama, Choir etc.</p>

Senior Class President and other Student Government positions throughout highschool career.</p>

<p>Swim Team: Varsity Letter all 4 years of high school, and part of the State Championship Team last year.</p>

<p>Orchestra: I play the cello, and got straight superiors at the State Solo/Ensemble Competetion.</p>

<p>Choir: I'm in the select choir. I went to All State and did Honor Choir.</p>

<p>Drama: I've done community theatre as well as school theatre. I was a lead in the play, Much Ado About Nothing, and have participated in other musicals and plays such as Les Miserables, Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Wind in the Willows, Anything Goes, and Good News.</p>

<p>Community Service:
Red Cross Representative with CPR, Lifesaving and Swim Instructor Certifications.</p>

<p>Church Service Projects (This is a ton of work, probably 10 hours a week)</p>

<p>That's all I can think of off the top of my head, there's probably more, but with what I've given you, and a solid essay, Do I have a chance at Stanford, and other top schools? (Regular Decision, of course)</p>

<p>I know I'm annoying, and that this was also posted in the Dartmouth, Amherst, and Brown forums, but I am really just wanting an informed take on my chances at Stanford</p>

<p>Swim Team: Varsity Letter all 4 years of high school, and part of the State Championship Team last year.</p>

<p>Swimming in Utah is nothing compared to california. state championship means nothing</p>

<p>I'm not planning on swimming at stanford, im know im not even close to that good. I just want to know if i can get in.</p>

<p>err my stats are almost like urs but my gpa is significantly lower. ehh well just apply and see what happens</p>

<p>they look okay to me.... apply and find out!</p>

<p>It looks pretty good to me. Like you, my SAT's weren't perfect and I'm also a varsity swimmer/captain. I recently got my SCEA acceptance letter from Stanford and I think the big thing to work on would be your essays. Stanford, more than any other school I've looked at, strongly emphasizes the essays because they like to see personality. </p>

<p>If Stanford is what you want, go for it. Maybe I'll see you out there next year.</p>

<p>wow, thanks for the confidence boost</p>

<p>Hey I was in a Les Miserables show, too! If we both get into Stanford (that's a big if on my part hehe) maybe we can resurrect the show again!</p>

I'm just as big an if as you, I'm sure. I couldn't help much with a ressurection, for I was only Prisoner #2, but no worries I can sing my one line with perfection. "I've done no wrong, Sweet Jesus hear my prayer!"</p>

<p>Hopefully I'll see you in Stanford. It's my number one pick!</p>

<p>You didn't even apply EA?</p>


<p>If your essay truly touches the hearts of the admissions officers, then you have a great shot.</p>

<p>If not, all I can say is that you're at a reach.</p>

<p>I applied ED to Columbia, because New York is my favorite place, but I spent nearly a week debating Stanford and Columbia. Now that Columbia is out of the picture, it's all Stanford. I hope I made the Adcoms cry, not because of the dreadful misuse of the English language, but because of my powerfully emotional narrative. Honestly, I'll be lucky to be even considered. But thanks for your help.</p>