Average high school GPA for admitted students?

<p>I saw somewhere it was a 3.68, but that seems a little low. Anyone know what it is?</p>

<p>Dear ArKhAiK : First, it would be difficult to believe that an average GPA would mean anything given that each GPA needs to be viewed in the context of the scoring system used by the High School. </p>

<p>Second, with so much weighting applied to advanced placement and international baccalaureate (anywhere from 10%-20% depending on the school) course work, this number would seem very low after all such adjustments are applied.</p>

<p>Third, if you were to state that most students at Boston College had an A- or better unweighted average in High School, we would tend to be in agreement. With 85% of admitted students coming from the Top 10% of their High School class rankings, this seems like a reasonable, and perhaps understated, assumption.</p>

<p>In summary, the hard number is less interesting than the statistical norms that we have just shared.</p>