Average High School GPA

<p>hey i have a question--i'm seeing that a lot of the top tier programs say that the "average gpa of applicants accepted was 3.9" or something like that.....but then on others, i see that the average gpa was "4.2," which implies a weighted scale......so do u guys think that the 3.9 gpa figure was unweighted or weighted??? </p>

<p>what does everyone else's unweighted and weighted gpa look like? please state what programs ur applying to so i can get a feel for where i stand.</p>

<p>i am 3.7 unweighted (which explains my concern) and 4.2 weighted</p>

<p>well it also depends on your school, if you go to a more competitive school, you can have a lower gpa, cuz the colleges know the work is harder. I go to the top private school in the nation, I have a 3.8 unweighted and i applied ED to princeton. Yeah, I'm not going for a multiple degree prgm, unless i get deferred, then I may apply to Brown's PLME</p>

<p>my school doesn't have weighted grades- but if we did, my weighted gpa would be a 3.86 (weighing only 8 out of 13 honors/AP classes) and my unweighted gpa would be around a 3.43--u think u're concerned?!? lol</p>

<p>mines around 3.7 unweighted and 4.4 weighted. AP CLasses give +++ to weight</p>

<p>My GPA in high school was 3.9 unweighted... my school didn't weight grades anyway :/
I think it is safe to say that every college I applied to, including BA/MD programs, focused more on unweighted grades... </p>

<p>Why don't you email or call the program and ask if their average GPA was based on weighted or unweighted grades? I mean.... only they would really know. :)</p>

<p>4.3 weighted</p>

<p>4.5 weighted although with first marking period grades i should be a 4.75</p>