Average Increase/chances

<p>What is the average increase from Sophomore year SAT to Junior year SAT?
I heard its 50 points for each section so thats 100 point increase naturally.
Can anyone confirm this?
What are the chances of raising my projected 64 PSAT verbal score to a 700+on the SAT Verbal if i memorize vocab and read books and newspapers?</p>

<p>You have a great chance at raising it to 700+ if you work at it. Like you said, memorize vocab, and read alot. I suggest you do the 10 real SATs if you haven't already and practice, practice, practice. You should also find your strong/weak points and work on the weak ones.</p>

<p>for me it was 80 pts.</p>

<p>acutally, the average raise in the SAT is only like 20pts, if that.</p>

<p>although a minority raise their score by alot, most do not.</p>

<p>From my first to my second test, my score rose 20 points, my verbal by 40pts, but my math dropped 20 pts. </p>

<p>from my second test to my third, my verbal rose, from the second test 40pts, and my math, again from my second test, rose 70pts</p>

<p>in other words, from my best subscores on math and verbal from my first 2 tests, 660M,620V, my score on the october test went up 90pts, to 710M,660V for 1370...</p>

<p>If you study a lot, then you can raise your score. I spent like 60 hours total studying for the test in october, since i had all summer to do so.</p>

<p>but i only spend like 7 hours total studying for my second test. </p>

<p>so good luck! and study hard!!</p>

<p>a good way to study is this (my opinion)</p>

<p>Buy a PR book, and like 10 Real SATs or whatever its called for the new SAT.</p>

<p>Buy a math and verbal workbook (like kaplan or barrons or something)</p>

<p>study vocab from wherever...</p>

<p>oh, so from my first test, my score went up 130 pts, or from my second test, it went up 110 pts. so you can easily raise your score!</p>