Average person Transfer to cornell

<p>I am a Ny state resident, I currenly go to New York Institute of technology. I wnat to study information science. Cornell is pretty much the only instate school which has this. I am a above average student who is not lazy and tries hard. In Hs i has a 3.7 GPa. My Sat was not so good, I only got a 990. which i am kinda embarrased to say. Lol. Well what do i do hear. I am doing well in college now. Since this is the only school, what should I do. Tell me what ta think. There saying is any person any study/</p>

<p>LEARN to speak and type english.</p>

<p>yonggers has a point but take one from the redsox bookfold cause this time i think you has 83pecentage chances</p>