Average SAT

I was just look at UPenn’s website and read the article on <a href=“http://csmonitor.com/cgi-bin/durableRedirect.pl?/durable/1998/12/15/fp11s1-csm.shtml[/url]”>http://csmonitor.com/cgi-bin/durableRedirect.pl?/durable/1998/12/15/fp11s1-csm.shtml</a> which said that the average SAT was 1387. Not to say that this is a low score at all, but did this figure suprise any one else? Collegeboard says:
Test Scores
SAT Reasoning Verbal: 650 - 740
SAT Reasoning Math: 680 - 760 </p>

<p>I may be way off with interpretating these statistics, but doesnt this mean that the lower quartile scored less than a 1330, and the average would be around a 1415 ? I know its only a 30 something difference but it just seemed odd to me. I always thought that Ivy schools’ average SAT’s were about 1450. Can any one please clarify? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…</p>

<p>That article is from 1998.</p>

<p>that's old data</p>

<p>Penn's average is 1434:</p>

<p>"He added that the average SAT score of accepted students was 707 in verbal and 727 in math, for a total of 1434. This is up three points from last year's average."</p>

<p><a href="http://www.dailypennsylvanian.com/vnews/display.v/ART/4253917236871?in_archive=1%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.dailypennsylvanian.com/vnews/display.v/ART/4253917236871?in_archive=1&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>your math is fine. sometimes the scores the college board reports aren't exactly right for the school. i thought the school gave them the information, but i know that there are other schools that have different numbers listed on their own site and the college board site. that could be why it's different.</p>

<p>Ah, I can't believe I missed that :) Thanks a lot. I shoudlnt have assumed that it would be a relatively new article since they referred to it on their site. Oh well, thanks for the link thinkjose1 and for the replies.</p>

<p>Am I the only one who hates the writing section? Looking at this data, I'd be perfect except for the stupid writing section.</p>

<p>Grammar be overrated think I.</p>

<p>i have a 1420. respectable
but a 2030. makes me feel dumb</p>

<p>i hate that writing. i hate the whole 2400 thing. the numbers don't look as nice, and it's so much harder to get a "good score"</p>

<p>keep in mind that includes urms, legacy and athletes...</p>

<p>for the average white kid its prob closer to 1500</p>

<p>I wouldnt be too worried over writing. I havent spoken with any reps or anything, but I did read somewhere that colleges will generally not be taking the new writing section into account because they dont know what it really means (UChic for ex). </p>

<p>Actually, does the new writing section matter too much any way? In a sense that didnt UPenn require a writing subject test last year? So nothing has changed in that respect. </p>

<p>Oh well. 800 CR 720 M 700 W for me, but I'm going to apply to transfer
white, no legacy, no serious sports...I am Turkish though haha gl everyone</p>

<p>Writing will probably be counted like an SATII, cause PENN always required SATII writing...that said, it's still important but not cruical.</p>

<p>26e: i totally feel you.</p>

<p>1400 --> 1970.</p>

<p>but those numbers mean absolutely nothing anymore.</p>

<p>jacknjill: i got a 570 on the writing and im in. theyre not lookin at it.</p>


<p>well, u make me feel better</p>

<p>Writing as an SAT II, does that mean that if it's (100 points) lower than your other two SAT IIs, they might get ignored?</p>

<p>I got a 760 and 800 on the SAT IIs (not including writing), and then a 760 and a 790 for cr and math, does that mean penn will only see those scores?</p>

<p>Yeah, I think if you score well in the cr and math, and don't score well in writing, writing doesn't really matter.</p>

<p>I think writing can only help you, not hurt you, this year, so if you did good (great!)...if not, oh well</p>



<p>thanks guys!</p>

<p>well, they'll still see it, of course. but like they said, it wont hurt, unless your essays were bad, or you got a bad english rec, but still i doubt it even then</p>

<p>It's weird, cuz I got a 5 on the AP language test, but then my grammar went to hell for the SAT I...</p>

<p>I only have one thing going for me: I've never retaken the test.</p>

<p>I havn't taken it 21312 times like some folks, so hopefully they can look past it! ^_^</p>

<p>(glad we can be cordial 26e, im not a bad guy)</p>

<p>CMON 'NOLES</p>

<p>well, we could've been cordial.....until that! go PSU! (and i'm a pitt fan, lol)</p>

<p>yeah, idk what went wrong. i got a 6/12, so i was not happy with that test. i'm taking in jan, and i certainly hope to do much better than that</p>

<p>Thank you AJ42288 . </p>

<p>Not that it matters (atleast I hope not...) but I took the SAT so much that I felt like it was a regular thing to do every month... :(
1rst Attempt: 1310
2nd Attempt: 1220 (***)
3rd Attempt: 1320
Last Attempt (took 2nd month into college though): 2220</p>

<p>I'm not even that sure I'll apply to UPenn...I doubt I have a decent shot with my HS stats. But you never know till you try, so I probably will. </p>

<p>No subject tests either</p>