Average score in Math 115 Calculus 1 was 49

<p>I have heard that the average score on the Calc 1 final was a 49 with something like 50 class sections. This was worth 40% the final grade. hmm....</p>

<p>They curved it. Getting a 55 got you a B. It was an unfair exam yes, but they graded it fairly (your grade is based on how you did compared to the median).</p>

<p>I know it was curved but am questioning what happened when you have a 49 average.
Poor teaching of the material or profs who have no clue when it comes to what should be on the exam??</p>

<p>^ or it's another way of finding out who can truly perform at a high level. 49 or 79, it's all relative. Personally, I prefer difficult exams.</p>

<p>There's no reason why the average should be high or low. A test with a high standard deviation is best because it really shows the differences between students. A high standard deviation generally requires a low average.</p>

<p>Ok, i need to comment on this.</p>

<p>This GSI's that teach CALC 1 aren't bad. People are forgetting we had the highest avg for the first exam in the past 6 years, 80% (81% median?)</p>

<p>Maybe averages were to high so they made a hard test. It doesn't really matter either way. Your grade depends on how everyone else does.</p>