Average SSat Score percentiles- please help!

Hi! I’m currently a 9th grader applying to these schools in 10th grade
Trinity School NYC
Horace Mann NYC
Phillips Exeter and Andover

Can you guys please let me know what scores you got and what percentile they were in? I scored a 2,033 on the practice test but do not know what percentile that would put me in. Any advice is helpful!

@arogers12 I know for Exeter/Andover, you might need a much better score. I got a 2178(79th percentile) and even that isn’t good enough. For now, just keep practicing and doing your best! Good luck!

On my first test, I got a 2064(57th percentile)

Ps. check out my post on my SSAT scores for a full breakdown on my individual sections and percentiles.

okay, thank you! what grade are you applying for? I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:

okay, thank you! what grade are you applying for? I wish you good luck!


I hope you do well!! Thanks for the advice, I guess I’ll just keep going over some practice for now! The part that scares me the most is the verbal cause there are a lot of big words I don’t know

Thank you! Verbal was my worse by far-63rd percentile compared to the 88 on math and 75 on reading. Good luck, don’t worry too much, if you score horribly, it’s test optional anyway.

2220 is about a 90 overall
2320 is about a 98 overall

If you still have time, I’d really recommend taking the test more than once. My son had big score swings.

okay, thank you so much! I’m currently in 9th grade so would 2320 still be around the 98 percentile for me?

This is an extremely competitive school list. Even with much higher SSAT scores it may be an uphill battle to get a 10th grade spot at any of them unless you have something else that’s amazing to bring to the table. If you really need to change schools, I would definitely add some that are easier to get into. If you are fine where you are and just shooting for the stars, go for it and good luck!


Percentiles have an element of magic and uncertainty thrown in. But I’d assume the raw points would need to be somewhat higher.

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okay, thank you so much for your help!

While percentiles might vary slightly by year/test, know that they don’t wildly change (not to be argumentative, but I just want to make sure no one is really thinking there is some magical, unknown component that might turn a really soft score into something strong.)

Bottom line: 2033 isn’t a great score and it will make it very difficult to get into the 3 boarding schools you mention. (I can’t speak for the NYC day school scene.) I am not an AO at any those schools, so who is say that they won’t see something truly extraordinary in your application and decide to admit you anyway.
But given test scores are optional, I would not submit your scores unless they improve drastically over the practice test score. (BTW: you might really improve on your actual test – it does happen!)

Also: have to add that your SSATs scores do NOT mean you aren’t a fantastic student or that you aren’t “smart enough” to get in and thrive at these schools. In my opinion, a far better indicator would be whether you have consistently been considered the top student in your classes over the past 10 years of school. If you have, you are probably qualified academically to do well at an academically very rigorous school like PEA/PA/LV if offered admission. (note: lots of very qualified students do not get in, and it does NOT mean they wouldn’t have done well there.)


thank you so much for the inspirational words!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I go to Andover. Ngl before coming I thought everyone would have a 99%. Simply not the case. Ask around and you have people in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. They look to admit people not test scores. That being said, I have no idea what’s going on in the admissions department and 2033 does seem a bit risky. I would say practice a lot and really hone in on skills you consistently underperform on.


Oh wow, I didn’t know Andover has such a wide range of scores, I will definitely practice more so I can try to boost them up, thank you so much for the advice!!

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Was the one with sixtieth percentile another Bush or Lebron? Can’t imagine a kid got in without significant talent or connection.

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Don’t know what you mean by this. Kids need to be talented to get into top prep schools, enough said. The kid with the sixtieth percentile I had in mind when I wrote my first response is extraordinarily admirable and talented in ways that aren’t measurable on a three hour long standardized test. Also worth mentioning that they are on financial aid and have no connections to the school whatsoever. While the bulk of the people I know have scores in the high eighties to high nineties, there are people below that. If you have the genuine characteristics in which they are looking for, a bad SSAT score won’t hinder them from seeing that.

A lot of schools are a lot less elite than this site makes them out to be. It’s hard to find talented kids who are genuinely passionate and kind, and that’s why percentages are so low. I won’t lie, there are kids who have finished calculus in the eighth grade and some whose parents are CEOs or celebrities and whatnot. I will say that they look and speak and got accepted all the same as the “normal” kids with a genuine love for learning.


hii! if you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you for your scores to get released?

So SSAT has a whole thing on this. If you take your test on a Sunday like me, you should receive your results on that Wednesday.

The EMA states that “SSAT at Home scores are typically released to schools 3-4 business days following the first Sunday after the test date. If the test takes place on a Sunday, that day is considered the first Sunday. Scores are released to families on the day after they are released to schools.”

For example, if you take the test on Wednesday, January 6th, you should receive your results around Wednesday, January 13th.

Hope this helps!