Average stats for mt admission

<p>Can any recent applicant or student tell me what the general stats are for mt admission? I'm applying for the 2012-2013 school year with a 3.37 unweighted GPA and a 2010 SAT score. I just wanted to know how I compared to admitted/rejected students.</p>

<p>I don't think anyone can tell you the "stats" for admitted MT students to Emerson because such data is not separated out by major. I think you need to go by the stats and selectivity of the college itself as you have to meet the criteria of admission academically speaking. As a private college, it doesn't just admit by "stats" alone or some "cut off" in stats and views the whole application. </p>

<p>But here are some basic stats that should help you determine if you are in the ballpark for Emerson academically....</p>

<p>Overall cceptance rate to the college: 42% (way lower for MT...around 5%)
Acceptance rate to the college in Early Action: 60%
Acceptance rate to the college in Regular Decision: 36%
Average HS GPA (unweighted): 3.6
Mid SATs: CR 570-670, M 540-640, W 580-670, CR/M 1110-1310, Total 1690-1980</p>

<p>Other things will matter such as rigor of your courseload, class rank or percentile, recommendations, essays, activities. </p>

<p>Your SAT is very strong for Emerson but your GPA is a bit weak for Emerson....and without knowing way more of other information about you, I'd say you are in the ballpark academically for Emerson which is no guarantee you'd get in academically but the school is within reach for you.</p>

<p>PS, it is in your best interests to make your fall semester of senior year as strong as possible on your grade report, which will be viewed by your colleges in January.</p>