average student applying to above average schools

<p>I feel like I just blew my chances at getting into one of my top colleges since I am not scoring as well as I should be scoring and am no competition to any one else on CC. But here goes nothing....</p>

<p>My top colleges are Boston College and UNC-CH. I am absolutely in love with BC. I also plan to tour Villanova, Notre Dame, Georgetown, UVA, Northwestern, UPenn, and Columbia. ( I think these are all reaches for me, with the last five being nearly impossible.. but hey, it can't hurt to apply)</p>

<p>GPA- 4.2 ( It's not even possible to have over a 4.5 in my school at the end of the junior year)
RANK- safely in top ten percent</p>

<p>SATI- i've only taken them once.
Writing- 670 (which makes no sense because i've never not broken 700 on my practice tests)
Reading- 610 :( I didn't know any of the vocab.
I'm definitely retaking them again in the fall, and praying that I break 2100. </p>

<p>SATII- even worse :/ I winged them, which was not a good idea. at all.
Math 1- 670
I'm retaking them in November and I'm pretty confident that I can break 700 in math 1 and math 2, as long as I take the time to practice and get help from my genius friends.</p>

<p>ACT- in September</p>

freshman: all honors, all As</p>

honors bio A
honors chem A-
acc. precalc A
honors ss A
honors english A
honors spanish 3 A
AP Statistics A </p>

<p>junior (awful again; I fell apart third marking period) :
AP Bio B+
AP Calc AB A-
AP Enviro A-
Honors English A-
Honors spanish 4 A
Honors SS A</p>

<p>upcoming senior:
AP Calc BC
AP Physics N/M
AP Physics E/M
AP Spanish
AP Macro
Honors English</p>

- I've been playing soccer since I was five. I've been playing travel since as long as I could remember and my team is in the premiere league, if that matters at all.
-I play Varsity Ice Hockey and if the team doesn't fold, I'll be the captain next year! I also received an offer to play on another U19 team, so I may need to ditch soccer to play more hockey. (Any advice- 1 soccer/1 hockey or 2 hockey ? )
-I'm in several clubs at school: OEG (leader), NHS, SNHS (secretary), Key Club, and Spanish Club.
-I've been working in a doctor's office since 8th grade. I work there twice a week.
- I also babysit 2-4 times a week.
- Not sure if I'll include this on my transcript, but 9th&10th grade, I was a teen leader for Soldiers for Hope. Basically, I would go to local boy scout troops and make little speeches about the organization, as well as run donations around school. However, the founder became very ill and she ended it. I now am just in charge of a few soldiers that I write to and ship goods to.
-I volunteer at Bucks County Community Housing ( a shelter home for the homeless and abused). I am a Youth Counselor there, adopt a family every christmas, and organize school supply/backpack drives for the children. I also help out in their food pantry, babysit the children for free, and help out at craft nights/ help them with their homework.
-I volunteer at Pedia Manor, which is a home where children on respirators and nebulizers live.
- I'm an assistant teacher in a first grade classroom at my church. I also help out at Bible Camp.</p>

<p>Those are all of my major extracurriculars, that I do once a week or so. </p>

<p>Awards ( another category where I am below average)
- I'll be an AP Scholar
- I won a Spanish Award </p>

<p>ugh I really wish I took the PSATs seriously now!</p>

<p>I feel like I've unconsciously focused more on my extracurriculars than academics this year, which I regret, considering I worked so hard this year for nothing. </p>

<p>I'm just really stressed so any advice and opinions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I forgot to mention a few things! Sorry it's already SOO long.</p>

<p>But I do Math Leagues and my school finished very high in the state. </p>

<p>I'm also white and from Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>AND my letters of recommendation are going to be great!
My AP Stat teacher told me that he'd write me " a really really good one" and I was also one of the only sophomores taking that class.
My AP Calc AB teacher adored me; my Spanish teacher knows me very well since I've had her twice and am in her club/ honors society.</p>

<p>You'll have a better shot if you get recruited for hockey/soccer.</p>