average students at SFS?

<p>What happens to students who didn't have an opportunity to do anything (EC-wise) out of the country or spectacular in regards to international volunteering, internships, etc. ?</p>

<p>(rising junior here): I'm involved in volunteer activities all year round and am good with languages, etc., and have a few activities preformed croosculture-wise (if that makes sense)..i didn't join the history club at my school because my school's clubs are 98% for show and either they never have meetings or, like History, they plan for their annual OOS trip.</p>

<p>any suggestions on what I can do to get more int'l interest to show in my app for next year? (or will it just have to be a 'you tell them' situation?)</p>

<p>it's pretty much my first time using this site, and I really need advice :)</p>


<p>Hello again! :)</p>

<p>I'd imagine that the majority of applicants have not done anything "spectacular" or done extracurricular activities outside of the country. In general, admissions officers look to see that a student has made the most of his or her circumstances.<br>
club or at least helped give it
However, your reluctance to join the History Club was a loss of an opportunity for initiative, in which you could have reinvigorated the club or at least help give it a greater sense of direction. For instance, when I joined my Mock Trial club/team, I slowly but surely made it a legitimate school organization with school funding, dedicated members, and mandatory meetings. :) You should try the same!</p>

<p>International interest? How about Model United Nations? If your school doesn't have such a club, how about starting one?</p>