avergae SAT and high average... stanford chances?

<p>SAT (first trial) : 1650
Math 1 SAT: 750
chemistry sat: 650
biology sat: 700
math 2 sat: 650
physics sat: 550</p>

<p>*i know my scores are low but i've heard people say that sat scores play a minor role... just confirming what i heard....</p>

<p>not THAT minor - check out their own data on admissions web site. With perfect 800s chances shoot way up into the double digits (think 12%-19%) admit rate. Under 600 and your down at 2% (think extremely hooked athletes etc). Nice even scores between 700-799 and your chances of being admitted hold steady at 10%.</p>

<p>Hope you have some killer ECs and grades, because you are going to be up against people with 780s through 800s.</p>

<p>1650 most assuredly will not pass the first hurdle, I'm afraid. Even people with ~2000 need to have SUPER attributes in other areas of the application. Can you retest?</p>

<p>Agree with T26E4. Whoever is telling you that scores play a minor role is uninformed, they are not everything, but they are a major part of the application. Go to the S website, their Common Data Set or the College Board College Search to see what their 25:75 SAT range is.</p>