AVG Anti-Virus, unexpected charges

I have been using FREE AVG Anti-Virus for my virus blocker for many years. July last year, they pested me to “upgrade” from the “BASIC FREE” to an “UPGRADE” for $22. Ok, I did agree to upgrade, nevertheless, I have not been feel the benefit of the upgrade through out the year. And for whatever the reason, to agree to that “upgrade”, I also had to signup the “Automatic Subscription Renewal” for the rest of my life, which I did not read the fine prints and was not aware of it.

So, July 2020 rolls around and they charged me $89.99 for the same service to my credit card. I was not diligent of checking every transaction on my credit card, not until August and I saw a charge that I did not know what it was and got me start investigating. Well, it was AVG that made the charge and I was too late to dispute the charge/cancel service with the company because it was over 30 days old. They told me they have emailed me about the new charge, but I don’t think I’ve received one. They also told me that the $22 charge in 2019 was a promotion, now they got me, the promotion is over.

Be very careful about those “Automatic Subscription Renewal” service. And I’d like to ask you if you use any of the Anti-Virus software. I have since switched to Norton 360 and VPN, which ALSO has a subscription service, but this time I will be more careful of it.

My anti-virus service pulled the same thing, even though I am very careful about NEVER agreeing to auto renewal. When I called, they offered me a lifetime subscription at the introductory rate. I took that deal because I do like the product and, after a client’s entire company files were held for ransomware, I want some kind of protection.

Thank you, @Groundwork2022
I guess I have to dispute credit card charges.