"awaiting review"

<p>Is anyone else's application status still "awaiting review"? I'm trying not to be paranoid about this, but we're getting close to decision time!</p>

<p>my sons status has been this way since November 27....</p>

<p>My D has had that status since Jan 10th -- I called the admissions office and they said that most will receive decisions between 3/15 and 4/15</p>

<p>Darnit that sucks...I was going to visit all of my northwest colleges during spring break (next week), but now I'll have like two weekends to visit UW if I get in!</p>

<p>Mine is in this status as well (and has been since mid December). Hoping they send us all a decision soon!</p>

<p>Shadesofpale, why not just visit the campus anyway?</p>

<p>And yes, don't worry. The big waves of decisions start coming out in a few days.</p>

<p>Phew, thanks for your responses guys. :) I'm such a fretter, this definitely takes a little bit of the stress away. </p>

<p>Good luck to all of you (not that anyone on CC needs it)!</p>