award status still conditional?????

<p>*** for months my financial award status on agora has been listed as "conditional" and not verified. I have all documents in and when I check app status it lists a whole bunch of documents under "received" and none uner "required" so i honestly have no idea what they expect me to do next.</p>

<p>You should call the financial aid office DIRECTLY and find out what's happening. It's better than coming into the school year realizing you're going to owe XX much more and be XX much more in debt. Don't hesitate.</p>

<p>yea i plan on calling and i wont hang up until i get some answers!!!!!</p>

<p>BC has about a dozen folks listed in Financial Aid. You could also just send an e-mail to student services who will then route it to the Associate/rep handling your account.</p>

<p>Contact</a> Us - Boston College</p>

<p>Mine still says conditional, post here what they tell you! :D
I'll call tomorrow if I remember</p>

<p>My daughter says conditional but I got a letter like a month ago that said that the status was verified. I called the office and they said that everything was ok. </p>

<p>Give me feedback if anyone hears anything else</p>

<p>Have you already received your package? You are almost guaranteed that much financial aid that's stated in your package. There are a couple of reasons I can think of off the top of my head for the "conditional". </p>

<p>1) Financial Aid is recalculated at a later point in time because of students who received a package, but opted to not attend BC. The money then gets reallocated to other students, possibly students like yourself.</p>

<p>2) There is another form that BC requires you to fill out by October and that's the sibling enrollment form. The form is used by BC to ensure that you actually have a sibling who attends another university.</p>

<p>they said they are reevaluating my financial aid again! they already decreased my award once, and now i'm afraid they won't give me anything. this really isn't fair at all, that they tell me i'm getting this much, i agree to go to the school, and then 2 months later they're possibly changing my fin aid. and i have a sister going to an equally expensive university, so my family really needs a lot of fin aid. this is the worst</p>