Awards and Honors

<p>My school has academic ceremonies where they give the top student in each class an award... so it's the top student out of ALL the English III classes by a certain teacher, etc. Are these pretty good academic awards to put in the Academic Awards/Honors section of Ivy League applications? How about Principal's Honor Roll?</p>

<p>I've been wondering the same thing. Anyone else have an answer?</p>

<p>im putting them down coz i dont have anyhting else...</p>


<p>they sound good to me, since you dont have anything else.</p>

<p>Always put down the best awards you have. All awards are potentially "good enough" to be listed. Even if they are not that impressive compared to some of the other awards out there, it's better than not listing any awards. Only leave out weaker awards if you have more impressive awards you want to focus attention on.</p>

<p>um... that's really not that great of an award. out of all the "english IIIs" is like... MAYBE out of 100 people, out of all the ones by the same teacher... maybe 50?</p>

<p>so that wouldn't be something you want to put on your applcation...</p>