awards ivy leagues and stanford like to see

<p>out of the following which top 10 awards to colleges like to see? i know none of them are all that impressive...</p>

<p>National Merit Semifinalist (applying for finalist position)
Member of the National Honor Society (NHS)
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Potential Sealbearer
The American Youth Foundation- Danforth I DARE YOU Leadership Award
AP Scholar with Distinction
Governor’s Scholars Award
Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) recipient</p>

<p>Two-time recipient of the Fullerton Sunrise Rotary Club Top 100 Academic Achievement Award
Honor Guard- Top 6 of the Class of 2005
Honors At Entrance
Golden State Examination: Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, Biology High Honors, 2nd Year Spanish High Honors
Student of the Month:
Certificate of Merit (Departmental Awards):
Diploma of Merit (Language Departmental Awards)
Principal’s Honor Roll throughout high school career
Who's Who Among American High School Students nominee
National Honor Roll recipient</p>

<p>Scholar Athlete Award for Badminton</p>

<p>Can't say that I've ever sat in on an adm comm. mtg. (sometimes I think I would want to, other times I think definitely not -- could be like watching sausage being made). However, I'm going to disagree with other posters in this forum who have stated that Natl Merit Seminfinalist standing is not imp. to colleges. Really?? These are the same colleges (e.g., Ivies) who care so desperately about class rank? (5% or under, usually) That's interesting that they wouldn't care that this year's NM semifinalists amount to 1.2+% of those who took the qualifying test. Yes, it's a test score, not an internat'l award. But I beg to differ that it is "not impressive." I'm the only semifinalist in my very competitive, generally high-scoring & quite accomplished class. It may or may not help get me into be first choice colleges, but it's not "nothing."</p>

<p>You're deinately competative, thats about the same range that most stanford/top ivy league school applicants have</p>

<p>im an int'l student from france and i dont have any merit or honor stuff!!!
all i know is that im very good in music (sending a recording) good in judo and top of my class. what r my chances like?</p>