AWFUL pianist

<p>I auditioned yesterday morning and I have never had such a terrible pianist. It took her three tries to just get the beginning of the song right. Because of that, it was pretty difficult for me to act my song when I’m hearing notes in it that I’ve never heard. I think it was really unfair to the kids who had this woman as their pianist. Do you think it would be bad if i asked for another audition? I’ve been preparing for a while for this audition and I wanted them to see me at my best.</p>

<p>It is indeed unfortunate, but I believe that asking for another audition would not be the right thing to do. If the accompanist was truly dreadful, they were surely aware of that fact, and undoubtedly took that into consideration.</p>

<p>There have been previous stories of accompanists who were problematic -- most schools have top-notch accompanists, but things happen - sudden illness, last-minute subs, etc. </p>

<p>I have recommended to students in the past that they practice their songs with ALL levels of accompanists - ranging from great ones, to decent high school pianists, so they can get a read on whether the accompaniment may be difficult to sight-read, and also to prepare themselves for singing with any pianist.</p>

<p>Just think positive thoughts - it may work out just fine.</p>

<p>My daughter had some pretty rough pianists last year as well, although her Hartt audition was fine. Remember, if they were struggling with your music the faculty would be able to tell where the problem was and wouldn't penalize you for it. Keep positive, I am sure it wasn't as bad as you thought.</p>

<p>I auditioned on Saturday as well, however I had a male who did a great job with my accompaniment. I wouldn't request another audition because that just shows that you are a poor sport and they may see having difficulty dealing with you if they were to accept you. They take into consideration how one auditions and how easily they can adjust to new things (hence the cold reading they may have had you do). Also, the character shouldn't have come to be an issue even with bad accompaniment because if you were in character for your song, then it wouldn't have crossed your mind to have an issue with the piano. The music could cause you to sing different notes but not change your characterization. Besides, if you are good enough to get in, you'll get in. Dont worry about a piano that the panel heard too! I hope that helps!</p>

<p>I hope that all the students auditioning remember that if you don't get into a program it does not mean that you are not "good enough to get in". Schools are building an ensemble and they might not need your type. No matter how talented you are there will be a/some/many school/s that will not accept you.</p>