What happens if you don’t pass the AWPE?
I’m not sure what my exact score is, but it says that i didn’t pass. I’m really sad and quite worried :frowning:

**What do I do if I fail the exam? **
Can I take a course over the summer to fulfill the requirement? If you fail the exam you may opt to take a transferable first-year college writing course during the summer before you enter UC. If you choose this option, be sure to sign up for a UC transferable course of either three semester or four quarter units. The course must be letter-graded, and you must receive a C or better to fulfill the requirement. Visit Assist for more information.

**How do I fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement at UC Davis? **
Students satisfy the ELWR on campus by taking Workload 57 and receiving a course grade of C or better.

**What kind of course is Workload 57? **
Workload 57 is a preparatory writing course that will introduce you to the kinds of analytical writing you’ll encounter at the University. You will read and discuss professional essays and write a number of papers and shorter assignments both in and out of class. As you might expect, passing Workload 57 will allow you to fulfill the ELWR and to do well in writing assignments for many of your other University courses.

**Should I try to enroll in Workload 57 in the fall quarter or wait until later in the year? **
Because writing skills are so crucial to your success at the University, and because the ELWR must be satisfied before you can enroll in and receive General Education-Writing Experience credit, you should plan to enroll in Workload 57 as soon as possible. When you enroll in the class or receive a place on the waiting list, be sure to attend the first day of class or you may lose your space!

**Is it possible to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement by taking a community college course during the summer? **
Yes, but only if you do so BEFORE you begin classes at UCD. Once enrolled as a UC student, you are not allowed to satisfy this requirement outside the UC system. (Senate Regulation 636.)