aww man. how will a C affect my chances?

<p>every year my grades have improved, but right now, I'm not doing so well and it's in my senior year. i'm taking 3 ap courses and an honors course, but it looks like I will be getting a C+ in AP Stats. Now, in my transcript, colleges will see that I literally suck in math. On an unweighted scale, I have gotten 3.3 in all of my math courses throughout HS (i took 2 honors courses and a college prep course). </p>

<p>That being said, I have very good grades in English, History, and SPanish, and I have taken APs for all of them. Will colleges acknowledge the fact that I suck in math and science, and focus more on my strengths? Also, I'll be applying to a business school to probably major in marketing. Will my poor grades in math hinder my chances to that particular school?</p>



<p>I had the same problem...but I suck in English classes...</p>

<p>I think it is only relevant in how it affects your gpa overall, in relation to the gpa at your intended schools. But for Sr year, make your first semester grades a priority over other activity. They will look at them to see if they have any doubts that you can do the work.</p>

<p>BUMP/ what would you do?</p>

<p>I am exactly like you. My estimated mathematic GPA will be around 3.2 - 3.5 UW. I will have only two advance classes (Pacesetter Pre Calculus and AP Statistics). I just don't understand math. I'm great with other subjects but math... ugh. </p>

<p>For business school, yes sadly... it will lower your chances.</p>

<p>thats me tooooo</p>

<p>depending on the schools your looking into.</p>

<p>well im looking into Boston University's School of Management. Any opinions/suggestions? I mean, should I drop the AP Stats and go into the lowest class available and get the A/A-?</p>

<p>Similar thing happened to me, but worse, I got a D in precalc, but other than that straight A's. I've just always been bad at math, but in the past I have always managed to get B's and A's in math. I didn't even slack off, I made an effort and sought extra help, completed all my homework, etc but it just didn't click with me. How much will this affect my getting into college? I'm planning on majoring in journalism or english, nothing remotely math-related. Other than this, I have a great record so how much will this hurt me?</p>

<p>I love math :D</p>

<p>But all schools short of the top ivies and MIT and Stanford don't expect perfection. They are fine with kids who are very strong in most academic areas but struggle a bit in a single discipline (such as math, or especially math ;)) Sure, if someone else matches your credentials perfectly and received all A+ in math (and neither of you are URMs or recruits), then they will be accepted before you. But at Boston University, they wouldn't be so nit-picky about a single subject grade as long as you present yourself as a strong candidate everywhere else.</p>

<p>thanks pebbles. that makes me feel a bit better on things. :)</p>