Ay, chance me? Early Action.

<p>I was wondering how good/bad my chances were at UGA Early Action. I already applied. </p>

SAT: 2030 630M 720W 680CR
SAT II 760 Biology 720 USH (not sure these will make a difference)
GPA: 4.354W 3.82UW
APs: Calc AB/BC, Micro Econ, US History, European History, Human Geography, Biology, Government, Physics C, Literature, Language and other honors classes
4's on all exams taken so far </p>

Pretty much I joined Science Team and Key Club this year to put on my apps...
And various community service projects in the past</p>

Asian, female
1st generation to graduate
Sibling attending UGA currently</p>

<p>My BIGGEST concern is my SAT scores. I'm sure I can get in RD but not sure about EA. </p>

<p>Thanks for reading!</p>

I was wondering how good/bad my chances were at UGA Early Action. I already applied.


Very good. Best of luck and hope you hear good news when EA results come out.</p>

<p>I hope so too, man. I'm anxiously waiting for my results since UGA and Tech are the only schools I'm applying to. If I'm not in EA, I'll go for RD. And Tech is kind of a long shot. </p>

<p>Anyone know if someone with an 86/535 class rank, 3.6UW, 1790 SAT has a shot at EA? My best friend and I REALLY want to be roommates but I'm afraid her stats aren't competitive enough. :/</p>

<p>I know you commented on mine and I'm not saying this to make me look better but I was talking to my cousin (a 5th year senior at UGA) about the acceptance process. You need more extra-curriculars. I know this doesn't sound important but my cousin's friend who works in the acceptance office says they want diverse and worldly students, it's not all about grades. They want students who will get involved when attending UGA. Your grades are awesome though and your Asian so that makes you a minority which colleges nowadays like to take. Good Luck!</p>

<p>@OP the stat whores at UGA will find favor in your SAT/GPA combo. 2030 is more than good enough.
As for your friend, he/she isn't a lock but still a favorable chance</p>

<p>Thanks guys for the feedback!</p>

<p>BUMP freaking out about November 18th; Anyone else?</p>

<p>I'd be extremely suprised if you didn't get in for EA. It looks like you have 11 AP classes and your SAT is good. I believe the average number of AP classes for EA last year was 6. 52 hours until you know for sure!</p>

<p>Are decisions coming out on the 18th??</p>

<p>Vapperss - yes as per the admission blog of UGA they are posting EA decisions evening of 18th</p>

<p>Numbers and course work looks good (EA stresses those). Little weak on ECs but they arn't as important and you do have minority status and a sibling attending campus. You should get in.</p>