AZ geography question

3 schools I might consider are in AZ. I’m not familiar with the the state so, I’m curious what city would be centrally located between:


Centrally located from what?

@thumper1 to those 3 cities. It’s ENTIRELY possible that no such city exists.

They are in different parts of the state. One is north of Phoenix, one is south of Phoenix, and one is practically next to Phoenix.

Why do you want to know a city central to these three places?

@ChoatieMom can you provide the geography here?

@thumper1 : those cities are home to school I’d consider

Northern Arizona

Do you mean the midpoint of a drive? The Phoenix area ( and Tempe) is roughly halfway between Tucson and Flagstaff. If you mean the geographic center of a triangle made up of those three cities, you’re looking at, very roughly, Tortilla Flat, but no one would consider that a city. More like a roadside attraction. There’s no gas station within 20 miles.


@Parentof2014grad yeah, I was thinking driving distance. Sounds like Phoenix is where we’d set up shop. Is that “big hole in the ground” close to any of these schools? :wink:

The Grand Canyon is about an hour from NAU.

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ASU is in Tempe, next to Phoenix. Phoenix metro has more than half of the population of Arizona. WUE is available only for some majors at the Downtown, Polytechnic, and West campuses, not the main Tempe campus.

UA is in Tucson, which is south of Phoenix. Tucson metro is the second largest metro in Arizona. WUE available for mining engineering and natural resources majors only at the main campus, and some majors at the Sierra Vista campus which is some distance southeast of Tucson.

NAU is in Flagstaff, which is in the northern part of the state. It is one of several similar size metros (much smaller than Tucson). WUE available for most BA/BS programs.


That you @Parentof2014grad! Glad you understood my little joke. Seeing the Grand Canyon should be on EVERYONE’S “bucket list”.

TY @ucbalumnus for letting me know that my preferred majors aren’t WUE compatible at ZONA or ASU.

Tempe IS Phoenix. That is where the Phoenix airport is and the mid point between your listed citites. Phoenix is a 2 hourish drive from Flagstaff and Tucson. That said, if Albuquerque is also on your list, I would start there and do UNM, NAU, ASU, U of A in that order. NAU is your best jumping off point for UNM – no point in going back to Phoenix. I am super familiar with this loop (including the grand canyon), message me if you want further help. I would call NAU, U of A, ASU and New Mexico plus the Grand Canyon one two week trip if you are driving from Montana. You could fairly easily see ASU plus either NAU of U of A in the same day. If you are dropping ASU and U of A from the grand tour, that changes things considerably. If you are planning on doing this in the summer, book Flagstaff ASAP. That is where people generally stay to go to the grand canyon and it books up early and hotels are expensive. Williams is another option to stay for the grand canyon as well.


@Theaterforme TY! Because my majors aren’t WUE compatible at ASU or ZONA I will be bypassing them. I’ll DEFINITELY plan Glendive to Albuquerque and drive to Flagstaff/GC.

Here is the WUE search page where you can look up schools and which majors are eligible.

@ucbalumnus I was JUST there. I can’t get the engine to work. Does WESTERN WA have good selection in Area Studies and Foreign Languages?

Read the school site. Had 4 majors of interest. Other WUE schools did better.

Again, google maps would help you the most over what people say on CC.

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