B/B- Student in NY looking for colleges!

<p>I'm helping a friend look for colleges. She loves loves loves RIT, and is applying to CUNY Hunter. She wants to add a few more colleges to the list, and her GC doubts she will get into RIT</p>

<p>*B/B- average
*1600-1800 SAT
*Wants a larger school with smaller classes
*Wants a "nerdy" school
*In NY preferably
*Not too rural
*She does not want to go to a lot of the CUNY/SUNY schools. She doesn't want to spend a lot of money for college ($40,000 per year), but can afford to.</p>

<p>Any suggestions for where else she should apply?</p>

<p>waitingforivy: Your friend will have trouble finding a 'nerdy' college with her grades & SATs. What is her proposed college major? However, since money is not an issue, check out Sarah Lawrence (a reach). Also look at SUNY Purchase.</p>

<p>SUNY Purchase has a reputation for being "artsy". Maybe Manhattan (Bronx), Manhattanville (Westchester), Hofstra (LI)</p>

<p>That is the problem she's having. Her current proposed major is Biology. There aren't that many nerdy schools that fit all her criteria. What are other schools in the area like RIT?</p>

<p>Sarah Lawrence is a good place to check out. She doesn't like SUNY Purchase, which we suggested, because its better for the arts than the sciences.</p>

<p>The other thing is she has certain preconceptions about many colleges, especially the SUNYs, based on rumors she's heard, or more likely, people she knows who have gone there, that are very hard to shake.</p>

<p>Larger school with smaller classes....looking forward to hearing others suggestions</p>

<p>BUMP 10char</p>



<p>I'm not sure why anyone intending to major in anything other than visual or performing arts, or possibly history, literature, psychology, or writing (or interdisciplinary combinations of these subjects), would consider Sarah Lawrence College. Biology offerings are rather minimal -- mainly for students seeking breadth or pre-med requirements.</p>


<p>She's looking for reach schools now which are slightly more competitive than RIT. Help?</p>