[b]gpa help

<p>I had no clue in 8th grade that my 9H math class and Spanish 2 would count in my gpa that would get me into college!!! Of course those two classes that counted were the only ones i did poorly in. I got a c+ in math and a B in spanish. I just received my gpa because of honors society and I have a 3.58 and if those two classes didn't count i would have a 3.72! Will college realize this or when they see this low gpa are they just going to quickly dismiss my application even thought I get pretty much all A's & A-'s in all my classes that happened afterwards</p>

<p>Today tons of kids take classes in middle school that will go on hs transcripts. Your GPA will include them. However, all colleges look for GPA trends. The fact that you did better later will be recognized. It won't change your GPA, and that will matter more at schools that take a more quantatative approach such as many State schools.</p>


<p>anyone else???!!!!??!</p>

<p>A lot of schools will discount even your freshman year. They know that most kids are jerk-offs in middle school. Trends count. Your transcript notes that they were taken in MS, yes? I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>I don't think that they will really care... as long as they noticed when you took it.</p>