B in AP Stats

<p>I got a B in AP Stats on my midyear report. Only one student out of 24 received an A in it, and they are all fairly capable students. Our teacher screwed us over early in the semester by giving us tests that had info on stuff we didn't learn in class and wasn't in our book. The class averages on those tests were in the mid-60s. Some of my friends in that class and I even complained to the high school principal about this teacher. Will Harvard take this into account when reviewing my midterm report? Is there any way that they would know that there was only one A out of 24? I've gotten an A in every other math class (all honors/AP) I've taken, including AP Calc BC. In fact, I was the only one in my grade to have gotten an A in both the AB and BC classes. I also got an 800 on the Math SAT I and on the Math level 2 subject test.</p>

<p>Haha thats wierd. At my school AP Stats is one of the easiest classes. Almost everyone gets an 85+ (and we have grade deflation). I am sure Harvard will overlook one B.</p>

<p>One B is going to have a negligible effect on your app. Don’t worry.</p>

<p>So I still have a 3.89-90ish overall unweighted GPA, with a 4.0 junior year. Am I still okay? Unfortunately, I also got a B in AP Bio this semester. The other Bs I’ve gotten were Graphic Design Freshman Year (probably doesn’t mean anything), AP Gov both semesters during sophomore year (but got a 5 on the exam), and a mandatory composition class I took over this past summer.</p>

<p>I wish I had your problem. My junior year was almost a 4.0, however my app is otherwise very good.</p>


<p>lol jk; it probably won’t matter that much.</p>

<p>Not to worry you or anything, but taking a look at the other side of the coin, 2 Bs senior year shows a downward trend in grades from your junior year (perfect GPA) to senior year…colleges could see this as a sign of laziness, even though, in your case, it is not. Not sure, though.</p>

<p>On a side note, my AP Stat class was the same- no one got a solid A in that class, but 2 or 3 kids got an A-. Luckily, I took it sophomore year and scraped a B+, and I wasn’t very fond of that class either.</p>

<p>It’s not a problem, why? Well, your perfect scores on the math subject tests will indicate to them that you are more capable than a B, and it’s probable that it won’t be a factor because of this reason. Besides, this is the main reason colleges stress standardize tests. So chill out…relax…You’ll be fine mate.</p>

<p>If you really got a B in AP Stats, which I took in 9th grade and got A’s without studying and a 5 on the AP exam, then I seriously doubt that if you somehow make it into Harvard, you will make it past your freshman year.
With Harvard being such a competitive school, especially now, it’s things like this that make or break each qualified application.</p>

<p>^He goes to Cooper Union, ignore him :P</p>

<p>But AP Stats is a pretty easy course material-- there is nothing really crazy to understand, its just memorizing a few formulas, knowing how to use a calculator and being careful. My teacher told me that the course is taught using basically one of two books-- I’ve looked through both (the one we used was blue, i forget what its called), and both were pretty easy. At the end of the year, I took the AP exam, finished it early, and had time to write several Haikus on it. And I’m not even kidding about the Haikus.</p>

<p>Aaaaaand lemme hijack the thread a bit. First semester Junior year when I got 2 B’s and a C. I was unprepared for the increase in difficulty, had to work at a scientific research lab, and had some family issues going on, a.k.a. a perfect storm. Apart from that, I have straight A’s. Will that look okay-ish because my slump seems to be more of a isolated issue rather than a downward trend?</p>