B.S. Molecular Biology --> M.S. Biomedical Engineering

<p>I will be a junior in Molecular and Cell Biology at Texas A&M. I plan to get an M.S. (100% sure) and maybe a Ph.D. (65% sure). My goal is to have good prospects for a stable job in medical research or product development in industry. Molecules, cells, and disease are my passion but despite doing well in the program (3.8 GPA) I don't think I want to make a career out of basic research as a scientist. I am considering going to graduate school in biomedical engineering.</p>

<p>I have strong quantitative skills that are under-utilized in biology. 800 in quantitative on the SAT, similarly high scores on GRE practice tests I have taken, and As in all my math classes so far. Additionally I will be minoring in math (DiffEQ, LinAlg, Advanced Engineering Math) and have taken a few basic biomedical engineering courses (Engineering Biology, Intro. to Biomechanics, Physiology for Biomed. engr). I will have had 2 years of research experience in a biochemistry lab by the time I graduate and can get two strong recommendation letters from my PI and lab supervisor.</p>

<p>What additional courses should I consider taking to make me more competitive for BMEN grad schools? Will I have less of a chance at top grad schools because of my non-engineering background?</p>

<p>Of course I will talk to an academic advisor but would like to get some additional input here. Your comments are greatly appreciated!</p>