BA Acting programs near Skiing/snowboarding?

The five colleges in the Pioneer Valley/Northampton area are 45 minutes to Berkshire East. Any school in Vermont is close to skiing

Wonder why LDS is considered bad and liberal considered good as if that is just “understood”.


All of your input has been very helpful and we are rounding out the list!

@soozievt - Vermont looks like a great option to meet most of her criteria and a good option for a non-audition BA program. Definitely adding that to the list to consider.

@CHO2023 - I was pleasantly surprised to hear she was excited by the virtual tour / info she saw for JMU and added that to her list. I think having something nearby for skiing is key, but she’s starting to realize there are other options she doesn’t want to dismiss for lack of the big mountains.

Any thoughts on Appalachian State and their theatre program? We love North Carolina and but it looks like the audition process / admission to the program happens only after becoming a student at the school.

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