BA in Art or BFA if MFA and College Professor is the end goal?

My D has narrowed down her list and feels very torn. She has been offered a very good Scholarship to Alfred for Ceramics and was pretty sure she was going there depite some concerns until Last Friday when we visited the one LAC on her list for the first time (Eckerd College). She fell in love with the campus, students and staff that we met with. This was the first time that she really felt comfortable and like she would totally fit in on the campus. However, she had always thought that she would be best prepared for teaching at a college with a BFA and MFA. The Ceramics prof @ the LAC went to Alfred and told us that he teaches @ an LAC because he now truly believes that students are better served to get a more well rounded undergrad degree and then pursue an MFA. He went on to cite a number of good MFA programs that his students have gone on to. This LAC will cost about twice as much as Alfred despite a $16,000/year merit scholarship. I can see the value of getting a well rounded education, but am somewhat concerned about whether or not she will get enough quality art specific instruction. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!</p>