BA Information Science vs BS Computer Science

<p>I am planning on doing the information science major which is part of the the College of Computing and Information. A lot of schools have majors in computer and information science while others seperate the two. I know the two majors overlap but I was wondering what are the differences between information science and computer science? I was also wondering about what the differences in job prospects are. I heard from some classmates who are majoring in information science but intend to become Web Designer/Engineers, but I always thought you needed to get a BS in computer science to pursue those jobs. I would like to work in the IT field and I have heard that both majors are in demand and offer solid salaries, so I was wondering what the difference between the two majors are in terms of job prospects and demand? I have also heard about Information Science and Systems at other universities and I was wondering if there was any difference between Info Science and Info Science + Systems.

<p>I have not pursued either of these degrees, however I have many friends that have. I think one item that initially indicates a big difference in materials studied is BA vs BS. BS is a degree rooted in science (Bachelor of Science), where ias BA is rooted in arts (Bachelor of Arts). What does that mean? This means that at the root of a BS degree are pure and fundamental science courses - math, physics, chemistry etc. </p>

<p>The BS in Comp Sci will give you the ability to think critically and qantitatively to develop software. BA Information Science will give you the tools to probably setup a network or run an IT helpdesk etc (at least this is the impression I've got from friends). Though BA Info Sci may take a few programming courses, BS Comp Sci is rooted in programming courses applying fundamentals of mathematics and physics. This is most likely the more technical of the 2 degrees. There are computer scientists that segway into the IT world developing and writing custome software packages and products. I don't think that is something, generally speaking, that you will see an Information Science person doing.</p>

<p>I don't think the difference in salary (either way, +/-) is enough to sway the decision to any side .. Info Sci is normally intended to be something along the lines of IT, while Comp sci normally is pursued by those who want to design software. I don't know about you but IT (managing / consulting on information systems) .. sounds pretty boring unless its in a super large scale sense like google's massive warehouse or something 'fun' like blizzard's databases. (I actually do know people who love this stuff though).... I know this isn't your question but It seems like your willing to go either way whether or not the demand is sufficient, (demand=salary).</p>

<p>Thanks. I was also wondering about the difference between information and library science. The information science major at my school is ALA accredited but you have to take a lot of computer related classses. I don't want to become a librarian so I was wondering if I should still keep Information Science as one of my majors. Would it be helpful for an IT job or is it more geared for those who want to work in libraries?</p>