<p>Hi guys!! I'm new to CC and was really hoping you guys could tell me if I have a chance into the BA/MD programs I am thinking of applying to in a few weeks. These are the schools that I'm looking at and I'd <em>GREATLY</em> appreciate it if you could tell me which schools are easy-ish and exremely tough to get into:</p>

Stony Brook
New Paltz (DO program)
University of Rochester
The college of NJ
St. Bonaventure (DO program)

<h2>I'm aware that all of these schools are extremely competitive so I am also thinking of applying to regular UG schools and was hoping you all could also recommend some UG schools near NY. Also, are there any other good DO programs you know of? THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! </h2>

<p>Here are my stats (I am sure I am not formatting this correctly...oops)
GPA: 3.97 Unweighted, definitely in the top 5% of my class
Rank: School doesn't rank
APs: US History, Environmental Sci, Bio, World Hist (pretty average scores)
Senior Year: Chem, Physics, Calc AB, Spanish
SAT I: 750-math, 620-CR **(I will be retaking them in the fall and am hoping to bring the CR to atleast a 700 and the math to a 770+)
SAT II: 700 Math, 690 bio (not that great, fml)
All Regents test scores are in high 90s range</p>

-Track (4 years)
-Violin (8 years) and a participant in state competitions
-National Honor Soc, Span Honor Soc, English Honor Soc, Math Honor soc (2 yrs ea)
-VP of students against destructive decisions club (3 yrs)
-President of youth group (4 yrs)
-Science Olympiad (4 yrs)
-Part of a healthcare internship (6 mos)
-Worked at Kumon Reading/Math center (I graded papers yipppee)</p>

-200+ in a nursing home
-300+ in a hospital's Radiology lab
-30 hours at an Emergency Room
-Volunteered in a third world country for 2 weeks (taught english and stayed at the facility)</p>

-100 hours of shadowing the chairman of radiation oncology
-Research lab for 2 months in 10th grade (150+ hours)
-Am currently doing a cardiology research project (250+ hours) and submitting the project into SIEMENS/INTEL </p>

-1st place essay scholarship in my school district
-DISCUS scholarship
-Business Awards
-My research project got a "high honors" plaque at a science convention </p>

<p>I'd greatly appreciate if you could tell me my chances of getting in, any advice for the application process in general and name some DO or UG schools that I should apply to. Also, it would ge great if you could tell which of the schools listed above I have a better chance of getting into. I am 100% sure I want to become a DO or MD and I would love to get into one of the programs. Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>Your SAT scores are the part of your app that need the most work, your other ECS and stats are good. Some say that 700+ on SAT2s is fine, but I think shooting for 750+ is safer (percentiles are different on the SAT2s). 1500+ CR+M is a good range too (2200-2300+).</p>

<p>For the most part, medical school rather than UG determines the competitiveness of the program (some have tougher accelerated UG programs or a great UG like Rice which is the exception to this)</p>

<p>Here's my very rough list
Brown (most competitive, same "level" as Northwestern, Baylor, and maybe Case)
University of Rochester (really like applicant with research ECs)
Brooklyn/StonyBrook not too sure about this one (instate status might matter too)
The AMC, Drexel, and UMDNJ programs are around the same competitiveness.
The DO programs are usually the easiest compared to the MD ones.</p>

<p>@neoevolution: thanks so much for your response! I will definitely try to get my SAT score up in that range.
Does anyone else have any tips on applying to these competitive programs? Is there anything specific (regarding the essays) the admission committee wants to see?</p>

<p>BUMP!! </p>

<p>Can you guys also post your stats?</p>

<p>you have a decent chance IMO to get into these programs. the main thing is that your SAT score is low. these programs are littered with applicants with 2200+ scores. on the other hand, your ECs are great and you have research experience, which is unique for high school students. your SAT 2 scores are low as well. they are quite important IMO since it's simple content memorization/understanding then testing, which is exactly how medical school is like.</p>

<p>i think you can easily get into one of these programs if you convey genuine interest in your essays/interviews.</p>

<p>the biggest things they want to see in the essays is that 1) you have a clear idea of what medicine is like since you are locking yourself to go into medical school, 2) you are a mature and capable individual who can handle the stress of medical school and beyond, and 3) you have passion for medicine.</p>

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<p>if you can swing it get an SAT tutor for the CR portion. most combineds have very early application dates so you have to get going.</p>