BA/MD Program..I really want to go..BAD

<p>I'm currently a junior and I've been going nuts trying to end up at a good school that I might have a realistic chance of getting into..and I found this program. I reallly want to go I have a chance?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.69 unweighted weighted: 3.99
Mostly honors and ap courses
10% of class
SAT II Bio-790
SAT II Chem- 780
SAT II Math- 740
AP Chem- 4
AP Bio- 4
AP US- 5</p>

<p>Environmental Club + Envirothon Competition
Science Teachers Aid
Tons of activities through key club
National Honors Society (Secretary)
Robotics Club (Project Manager)
Hospital Volunteer in Two Hospitals + other hospital related volunteering 300 Hours
Brain Research Internship
Another Brain Research Internship--Resulted in a Publication
Paid Internship this Summer, related to cancer
Medical Lectures attended
Science Honors Institute selected and attended
Tutor + Board Member of the organization I tutor for
Leadership Conference (selected to attend)</p>

<p>If not Boston University's BA/MD would i stand a chance for any others? Thanks for the feedback guys =]</p>

<p>I would really appreciate help =] I'm more than willing to give my opinion to someone

<p>I just looked it up and you look like a great candidate for this program. Especially with the SATII scores in the major sciences. Good luck :)</p>

<p>I will chance back! pleaseeee help me out</p>


<p>I was accepted to the program and will be attending this fall. You definitely seem like a good candidate - good scores and extracurriculars. Make sure you really express a sincere desire to go into medicine in your application. I don't know for sure if your GPA would hurt you though, as it seems most people who were accepted this year were around the top 1-2% of their classes. Keep in mind your stats and essays may get you an interview, but it's ultimately the interview that will determine your acceptance to the program. Good luck!</p>

<p>That really makes me feel a lot better! Thanks and I have heard that the interview makes a HUGE impact. It's great that you got in! I hope you enjoy the program and the city =]
Good luck to you as well!</p>

<p>anyone else want to chance me? please :]</p>

<p>anyone else want to help me with chances? </p>

<p>I also forgot to mention I ended up with a C+ on my transcript
due to AP Chemistry..but i had a sick family member also..HELP!?</p>

<p>chance for a chance?</p>

<p>i would post this in the combined degree program boards to get more opinions</p>

<p>i think that you should definitely apply to the BU program, USC bacc/md, and GW's 7-year
we have very similar resumes on paper (varied and lengthy) which excuse a GPA that's not a 4.0
i interviewed for all of these programs and got into all but USC (also got into st bonaventure/GW and penn state/thomas jeff)
when you write your essays make sure you display an interest in medicine AND in BU. If you do not seem like a fit for the undergra school, they'll toss your application to the side.</p>

<p>thanks topher14! i will surely look into those programs</p>

<p>would anyone else who has gotten into the program mind answering a few questions. It could be any of the accelerated programs.

<p>Does having a low GPA completely slaughter chances..because I'm feeling a 3.6 by the end of the year..and I don't know what to do now..</p>

<p>I got in without a 4.0. All I can suggest for you is to continue your obvious passion for becoming a doctor. I know for a fact that the Dean of Accelerated programs appreciates character more than stats.</p>

<p>what was your gpa?</p>

<p>During my college admissions process, I found that comparing myself to stats is futile. One either feels overly confident or depressed in comparison to the stats. </p>

<p>Be yourself! Continue showing your devotion to medicine. Do things that will make you happy, not what YOU think colleges are looking for. The stereotype that is presented on college confidential works for some, but adcoms want to be marveled and to marvel them, you got to show them your passion not your GPA.</p>

<p>My best advice would be to worry more about what you will write in your essays as that is more controllable than preoccupying yourself with grades.</p>

<p>That is very true.
Thanks for the advice =]</p>

<p>How was the admissions process for you?</p>

<p>I mean specifically to BU's Program</p>

<p>Everything went smoothly. There doesn't seem to be a thorough description of the BU program admissions process, so I'll do the best I can to describe it.</p>

<p>1st step: Apply through common application along with supplement found on BU's website. Remember that this program has an earlier filing date than the undergrad school's admission deadline.</p>

<p>----Adcoms filter students out leaving around 100 students for interviews. (You can still get into BU without getting into med program)----</p>

<p>2nd step: Interview in Boston! My interview was in March but apparently they start interviewing in late January. The interview consists of an interview with the Dean of Accelerated Programs and a Professor in the Medical field. In between the two interviews, you will meet with a SMED over lunch. The people I meet with were great. I ended up "auditing" their physics class since there was time before my next interview. The interview process starts in the morning and ends before 4 pm.</p>

<p>3rd step: Await response from BU. You get notified of your admissions to the program at the same time and location as the rest of the BU students, which is the online portal.</p>