ba md program ?

<p>i have a 3.4 unweighted gpa
1910 sat
28 act</p>

<p>planing on taking sats 2 soon
in bio math 2c and us history</p>

<p>by the end of junior year i will have 3 aps
ap world
ap ush
ap psychology</p>

<p>and 2 more next year
ap chem
and ap gov</p>

<p>on track team for 1 year
cross country 1 year
tutor kids 55 hours
internship at science museum 350 + hours
job at science museum promoted twice
college now courses in bio </p>

<p>and Im a jainist male </p>

<p>i am just wondering if i have a chance in getting into an ba md programs
thank you</p>

<p>im also in the history club
and astronomy club</p>

<p>erm... you need SOME hospital/medical experience. Shadowing a doctor, hospital volunteering, whatnot. Otherwise, low ACT and SAT, weak GPA, uncoordinated clubs. </p>

<p>So sadly, not a high chance, no. :(</p>

<p>Like Grisam said. BA/MD programs are one of the hardest programs to get into, and you need excellent stats to be competitive for admission. It of course depends on which school's BA/MD program you're planning on applying to, but on the whole, your resume isn't strong enough. Would it be possible for you to intern/volunteer at your local hospital or something over summer?</p>