BA/MD students at CNU file class action lawsuit

Three senior students in CNU’s BA/MD program have filed a class action lawsuit alleging fraud and breach of contract against CNU’s administration.

Students claim they were verbally guaranteed a seat in CNU’s medical school if they met certain admission requirements (GPA, MCAT), but were denied admission despite having exceeded all requirements.

CNU has recently settled a “cease and desist” order from the California Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education that found that CNU has been offering unapproved educational programs at the school–one of which is the BA/MD program.


If you can’t access the article due to the paywall, here are the 6major take-aways from the lawsuit

If you can’t view the article due to subscription payment, here are 6 quick details about the lawsuit and article:

  1. The lawsuit is seeking class-action status to cover additional students who may have been rejected

  2. For years, CNU stated in its marketing materials and student resources that BS/MD students would have a “reserved” spot in CNUCOM. From 2018-2020, every single BS/MD student with a 3.5+ GPA and 510+ MCAT got accepted. However, everything changed in 2021 and no internal students have been accepted

  3. The plaintiff’s lawyers are claiming that after the BPPE and the state of California fined CNU for its “unapproved” BS/MD program, CNUCOM seemed to have changed course and immediately began rejecting its own BS/MD students

  4. CNU is treating the Plaintiffs like third-party applicants rather than the BS/MD students that they are

  5. CNU “never intended to comply with its sales or marketing promises”

  6. Lawsuit claims that students “were offered a time-saving scam, and now seemingly have lost years of their lives”