BA Theatre Degree

<p>What is the BA degree in theatre like? Is it integrated at all with the musical theatre degree, and if one wants , can one take lets say mroe dance classes or more voice classes than what the degree offers? Also are the theatre and opera productions open to all , or just VP and MT majors? Do Vicky and the rest of the MT staff interact with the BA kids? What is the relationship between the BA and BM MT programs and kids? I got accepted to BW btu did not get a chance to audition for the BM, so I figured I would find out a little bit more about the BA, and I will visit and such. Thank you everyone for your help.</p>

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<p>The BA in theatre here in my opinion isn't very good if you want to focus on acting. If you plan on transfering into the MT program anyway, don't bother on spending $30000 when you will be most likely taking only electives your first year. go to comunity college and spend a fraction of the cost for the same classes and reaudition next year. I'll just take a minute to explain the BA in theatre. Basically it is just a BA in theatre arts, you will be doing everything from acting to tech. The degree is very weak on the acting side (Don't worry, MT majors have their own special acting classes that are very good!!!) but if someone were very interested in tech or costuming and wanted a more liberal arts education, BW would be great. Jeff Herman (technical director) and Charolette Yetman(Costume Designer) are outstanding artists and work professionally in Cleveland and around the country. They would be great to study under, and a lot of people do that. So in my opinion if you don't get into another program, get as many credits out of the way and reaudition next year. It's too expensive to go to this school and not be a Music Theatre major.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the honestness. So if you were not a MT major you would not have chosen BW? Is it that weak of a college in general? It's not worth it to go except for the Musical Theatre degree?</p>

<p>In my opinion, yes. If I were not an MT I would have choosen a more difficult school. I do not feel challenged here in my academic classes. Some of the other majors in the con are good too. But MT is the best Major at BW by far. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Though this post is old, I'd like to respond to it as a student who is getting a BA in the theatre department at Baldwin-Wallace.</p>

<p>The BA program is, in fact, a lot better than the former poster is making it out to be, and it continues to improve. There have been many changes over my years here and there will continue to be as they hire a new acting faculty member next year. The students in the music theatre department take few classes in our department, so they aren't completely aware of the classes that we do take. That being said, it is very much a program about making each individual a theatre artist. Though we all have one or two areas of interest, we are taught to be able to work in every area of thaetre. If you plan on going to BW as a freshman who wants to re-audition for the MT program, he's right, coming here as a theatre major is a bit of a waste. We have a completely different emphasis than they do.</p>

<p>I am, in fact, an acting focus in the department and have had wonderful opportunities over the last four years including working in regional theatre as well as in New York. On top of that, I also have skills so that when I go into the business world, I can be hired in other areas of theatre. The BA program is also an incredible training ground for grad school. </p>

<p>If those things sound unappealing, it's really not the place for you. But, I just wanted it to be known that it is, indeed, a wonderful facility for growth.</p>

<p>Also, you can take as many dance classes and voice classes as you like. I've taken voice lessons every semester I've been here and dance classes are open to all students. They are, in fact, taught through the theatre department. Also, Vicky teaches a class for theatre majors only and Scott teaches occasional seminar classes as well as workshops. He is directing our spring mainstage this year as well. Lastly, auditions to everything are open to everyone, but the shows frequently get cast with students from that department i.e. the musicals are cast with music theatre students, the plays with theatre students, ect., though there is room for overlapping.</p>