Babson college - spring transfer

<p>Hi, i was recently accepted to Babson College for spring 2010 semester. Im very happy about it but i am starting to have some doubts about some reviews i read about babson and i would like to get some insight on current students or anyone who could help me. </p>

<p>I have heard that the work load at babson is insane. this kinda scared me at first. is this true? what does a heavy work load consist of? i am coming from europe and am not familiar with the american education system. the only work i had at my university was reading and preparing for exams. what kind of work is given at american schools and specifically at babson? like papers and quizes? should i be worried? can I handle it if im not willing to spend all of my time studying?</p>

<p>Secondly, i heard the social life at babson i horrible. i cant really imagine it being that bad though. i mean as long as i could get to boston easily on the weekends ill be happy as i have many friends there. is this possible? </p>

<p>how is the grading at babson. i hear it is really difficult to maintain a strong gpa. is this true? </p>


<p>small classes, interesting profs, workload comparable to the top American schools. Approach is real life business oriented - lots of group work, meetings, presentations, essentially prep for business career. Kids are into it.</p>

<p>Social life is better than reported. Plenty of parties, access to the city, some frats and sororities, good sports and club sports.</p>

<p>Yes, tough to maintain a strong gpa, very little grade inflation here.</p>