Babson College vs University of St. Andrews

I am an international student from India. I need to know which University is better for my undergrad- University of St. Andrews in Scotland or Babson College. The cost of the two is not a deciding factor, I want to know where I should go purely based on which degree is superior.

In St. Andrews I plan on pursuing management, economics and finance. In Babson I plan on concentrating in finance and entrepreneurship.

I also want to know which college has better networking and connections.

Are you in at both ? Do you want to live near urban Boston in the US or coastal Scotland.

It seems you method of picking is silly. Which school appeals more.

The likelihood of you staying in the Us is slim so you should not plan for it. You should go to the school you feel most comfortable, assuming you can get in.

As @tsbna44 points out, "which degree is superior’’ - for what? For academic rigor? For a specific career? As a way to stay in another country? To impress employers at home? (for name recognition in both cases it will matter who -and especially where- you are asking)

Babson is a unique opportunity.

St. Andrews is better known internationally, especially if you’re interested in working outside the US after graduation.

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I think that OP needs to be planning on working outside of the US after graduation.

How do you have this choice as of now? Did you get off the waitlist at one of these schools? Have you deposited at one or both?

IMO Babson is superior for entreneurship and (probably) connections/networking, but your decision should also consider where you want to spend your college years, where and what type of job you plan on having post-college, and relative costs. Are you full pay at both schools?

Are a rising senior figuring out where to apply ED or a transfer student recently admitted to both?