Babson EA class of 2021

Hi guys !
So it’s December and EA results will be out soon
Anybody know when exactly ?
Plus if you’ve applied ea share your stats
Let’s compare :slight_smile:

I applied ED. I think last year decisions came out around the 15th. I applied with a 3.7 unweighted GPA, most difficult schedule possible, 34 ACT, good recs and good essays.

Yes the deadline for this year is also 15th for ED
So a little more than a week left for you
Good luck !

I applied ED! We will know by December 9th at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. I had a 3.6 unweighted GPA (lower, because of health problems, although I do have a 4.0 so far this senior year,) 31 on the ACT/good EC’s. great essays, good interview, and some fantastic recommendations. I’ve been anxiously waiting for ED results, so I’m hoping for the best!

I just received the email with that notification time as well. Anyone else applying?

Applied ED

3.4 uw 4w ACT 30 international applicant

Good luck everybody! Hoping for the best.

You too! I hope we all get to see each other in the fall as admitted students. I’ve spent so much time watching Babson videos from previous years, people’s video supplements…needless to say, I’m in love with the school. I had such an amazing time at the Preview Day. I’m hoping as an applicant from Arizona it will boost my chances for geographical reasons.

@DrummerGenius @chavixavi good luck guys ! I really hope we do all get in . I too have spent countless hours looking into babson ! I really know that feel . I’m EA student but all the same , I still want to get in badly

You as well! What is everyone’s stats? I posted a ‘chance me’ thread (cringeworthy, I know) which has my stats on there. If you’re too lazy to look, I have a 3.6 UW and a 31 ACT/1370 SAT.

Hey guys. I am an international student and have applied EA to Babson. I know that ED decision response is on the 9th. Any idea when EA is and if it is on the same day because i have not received any emails. Thanks!

Do you know if this is the same for EA applicants because I have not received any emails yet. thanks

I’m not too sure. In past years, it was around the 15th-ish. I suggest looking at past threads that say “EA” and “ED” results and looking when the EA was announced. I noticed a pattern, in that ED results were announced the second week of December typically. See if there is a pattern for EA! I guessed December 9th about two weeks ago and ended up being right!

@DrummerGenius Thanks a lot ! If anyone else has any information for EA it would be great

Last year ED was announced a week earlier than EA. Good luck everyone.

So guys
I received a mail from babson confirming that I had applied for the wiessman ("Thank you for applying to the wiessman scholarship…) and all other scholarships even though I never submitted the extra essay or any other documents
Did this happen to everyone ?
What should I do ?

I also received the exact same set of emails and did not do anything extra. I’m not planning to do anything until the acceptance day.

I received the same thing! Maybe it is good news, and means that we were accepted! I didn’t do anything extra. I talked to my parents, and they suggested that maybe it was an automated thing for accepted students and somehow got sent out early. I guess we will see tomorrow! Can everyone post some of their stats? GPA, SAT/ACT, etc. Would be nice to have a forum to see people’s stats when they were admitted. I noticed that was lacking in past years, and I think it would be nice for potential future students!

i also got the same emails without doing anything. When are EA decisions coming out?

I sure hope that’s what it means. I think early decision results haven’t even came out yet and from years past it looks like those have always gone out before early action.

My friend who’s applying RD to Babson also got the emails. I think they automatically consider you for scholarships despite of your admission decision status.