Babson RD 2023

I didn’t see an RD thread for this school so I decided to make one. Does anyone know when decisions are coming out?

I received an email stating decision will be available on 15th March 4 pm ET. It also said that you will not receive decision notification by mail. Does this applies to everyone or just me?

i got it too

I got it too and I’m so anxious

43 minutes left!!! good luck guys

is it out yet?

accepted :slight_smile:

Accepted. No mention of financial aid.


accepted ; probably wont attend but it depends on the financial aid

How do we find out if we got any scholarships? Would it be in the letter?


i also was super confused, because you’d think they’d give instructions in the letter.

the only way i found out i’m a presidential scholar is through the financial aid award notice

Accepted! 30 ACT 3.7 GPA good connections from my school

accepted but january gap progrm whatever thing :confused: any way i could change that?


SAT: 1430
GPA: 89.92 UW
Moderate Courseload
Rank: N/A (15 students in grade)
EC: Very Strong (Internship, Job, Entrepreneur, etc)
Major: Finance
State Residency: OOS (NY)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: M

@soccerlove6 My friend got the same one semester delay acceptance. I guess they figure some people will drop out/graduate after the Fall semester opening up some slots on campus. Babson was her #1 choice so she’s going to move to Boston in the Fall, work for 4-5 months then start the Spring term. Not sure if she’s going to try and contest the delayed start or not.

Did you get accepted from the waitlist?