Babson Transfer Fall 2020 Thread

Hey! Was looking for a Fall Transfer thread, couldn’t find one, so I made one. There’s only like 50 spots open, so idk how popular this is going to be.

White female from Portland, OR
Major: Strategic and/or Operations Management
Currently at a Community College (was a hs dual credit, but stayed to get an AA after graduation)
HS GPA: 3.7UW, 3.87 W
SAT: 1230 (its the worst, but I only took it once and that was a while ago)
College GPA: 3.7
Credits: 59
Not applying for Need-Based aid.
ECs: Founded and operated a successful online company. Hit 18k a month before I sold it to make time for my education. Also, amatuer figure skater and gymnastics coach.
Rec: A few, but my favorite was from my mentor/friend I made while creating my company. He interviewed me a few times for his youtube channel, and the letter was pretty convincing.
Essay: Wrote about how Babson has been my ideal school for a long time, and how I’d fit in among the business-centric culture. Also wrote the supplemental essay one how my figure skating careers has taught me persistence and discipline.

I know I don’t have a great chance, but I’m also visiting Babson this spring for a tour and interview. Sent in my application on 2/18. Babson is my dream school, so I’m still fighting.

Welcome to the Babson Fall 2020 Transfer thread!

Did you end up getting in?

Haven’t heard yet! Thanks to the pandemic, it seem like the deadlines are being extended, which means I won’t hear for another 1-2 months, sadly.

ACCEPTED :slight_smile:

how is that possible?


Anyone know decision release date?

@robertogarzozi no idea but im so gla dim not the only one who hasn’t heard anything. They said that it should be by mid may…

@LadyDelyn The website says early may so I am hoping that maybe tomorrow or Friday. I think the latest will be next week.

When is the release date last year?