Babson vs George Washington School of Business

Hi, please advise which is better Babson college vs George Washington School of Business when fees and location are not a constraint?

Both are good, and neither is Wharton, so will be viewed similarly - I’d pick on fit/feel.

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Unusual comparison. Babson is a B school. That’s what kids study. Yes, they offer liberal arts classes but it’s not a traditional school. GW is traditional…majors. D1 sports but literally no campus. So if you want a campus this isn’t the place. And unless it changed they’ve got no dining halls. Oddest thing to me but the meal plan is based on local restaurants, stores, etc.

If I 100% knew I wanted business I’d choose Babson. But if someone wants that big city BU/NYU life then GW a fine choice. If I want an actual campus with grass…Babson.

I think it’s more than which is better. It’s more which is better for the student bcuz the day to day will be vastly different.

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GW does have an undergrad business program.

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Yes - but Babson is a business only school - that’s your major with then possible concentrations.

At GW, you can major in business, history, Korean, English, etc. - is all I meant - it’s a comprehensive university so you will have more diversity of thought and interests/perspectives, etc.

At Babson, while obviously students come from different backgrounds and will have diferent perspectives, everyone is focused on business - and they’re best known for entrepeneurship.

Good luck.

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It has. My D is currently pursuing undergrad from GWSB