I have been looking for this discussion since god knows how long. I got into the two of them and hope to start my own business one day down the lane with 90% chances of it being in the design industry. I understand that to start a successful business you need some experience beforehand and the right connections, but since babson offers the fashion electives now that allows you to be in London for one week with the fashion industry and everything. But again, i cannot compare the one week experience to four years of hardcore design experience.

However, with parsons i might miss out on the core fashion degree because i honestly want to have a graduate degree in entrepreneurship from the top B schools. And am not sure about how will it affect that decision.

I dont know what is okay to let go of?
The design experience or the business experience?

I have been really confused about this and am open to all thoughts!

No one can answer this question for you. It’s a choice only you can make.

Both colleges sure the best at what they do. As a practical matter, the Babson degree is probably the more flexible of the two. So, if I were going to spend 4 years of my life and a lot of money getting a college education, I would spend it at Babson, knowing that if plans or circumstances change, it’s a degree I can do more with. And as you point out Babson now offers the fashion electives and the courses that study the fashion industry and where it’s going. This really seems like the opportunity to integrate your two sets of interests.

That’s the practical answer. But is this a decision to be made with the head or with the Heart? Do you see yourself more as a business entrepreneur with an interest in design? Or as a designer who needs some background in business? Babson does have a master’s program that you can pursue after college if you decide to go to Parsons.

I don’t know if your art & design interests go beyond fashion. If they do, I’ll just mention that Babson also provides cross registration with other area colleges. Wellesley and Brandeis in particular have excellent Studio Art department’s with a range of courses.

Thank you!
This really helped.
Yes it is about deciding between my heart and my mind.
As you mentioned, I do see myself as a design person that needs some business background.

Babson has the Weisman Foundry which is precisely for creation. There are also Fashion Business groups on campus.

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What did you decide? How did the last year go?