Bachelor and Masters at same college

I aspire to get my Masters in Sociology or International Studies. I don’t want to become a professor, so would it be ok/normal to stay at my undergrad school to get my Masters?

I asked a related question awhile ago! Sorry.

Yes, that’s perfectly fine and very common. A PhD should be done at a different institution from undergrad.

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I mean it really depends dude. This is one of those questions that has a billion different answers depending on the circumstances.

Like, what would you want to do with the degree? Maybe you have something very specific you want to do, but your uni doesn’t have a good program for that in masters.

Maybe you’ll be at a typical state school and decide you want to chase more prestige and move on.

Maybe you’ll just not like your undergrad uni and want a change of scenery.

There really is no set answer for this. Yes, it can be okay, and yes, it is pretty normal. It all depends on your circumstances.

My advice? You’re a HS soph. You have 0, and I really mean this coming from someone who’s about to be 22, done 3 full years of college, 2 years in the Army Reserve, and a year working full-time in IT, that you have NO idea what you will want 6 years from now when you’re finishing your BS/BA. In fact, I can almost guarantee that you don’t even know what you’ll want a mere 2 years from now when you’re graduating from HS.

All I can say is, be open to new things. Good on you for being proactive and planning, but you have no idea where life will take you and what you will want in the future. Be open to change.

PS: One piece of advice I will give you, is in consideration for every school and specific major for that specific school, check out salary numbers. Always look at student outcomes and see what the salaries are like graduating from there. That gives you a good look into your grad salary and your future you will appreciate it immensely.


@maora34 I’m a dudette, but you’re advice is SO TRUE!

Any time. Best of luck to you and your endeavors. I didn’t do half as much as I could have in HS. I could’ve finished college much earlier and gone off to an elite school, but I didn’t. And ya know what? I don’t regret it, because if that happened to me, I wouldn’t have ever gotten all of the incredibly unique experiences that made me so strong.

So just be open to change, and you’ll turn out great. Feel free to HMU if you need anything else! <3