Bachelor's in Communications rather than BA in Art?


<p>I'm interested in Graphic Design but want to focus on the communications/commercial aspect for it. For example, the schools I've looked at are generally schools that require some years of art classes, but I do not want to 100% completely focus on art. Even though designing is an art, I'd like to focus on the commercialized and practical aspect of it too - advertising, web, marketing, communications, writing.</p>

<p>The only school I've come across that has such options is Syracuse Newhouse's Graphic Design program but would like more options that are perhaps reputable too. :)</p>


<p>P.S, I am not interested art schools such as RISD or MICA, as I've said because they are mostly 100% focused in art.</p>

<p>Have you looked into liberal arts schools? You should be able to find schools that will cover all those courses. Take a look at Chapman. Perhaps you can double major or a major with a minor.</p>