Bachelor's in Language, Master's in Linguistics

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<p>I don't know much about the process involved with obtaining degrees; I just know that I want to pursue foreign languages and linguistics. Is it possible to get a Bachelor's Degree in a Foreign Language and a Master's in Linguistics?
Is there anything I need to know about this that might hinder my goals?</p>

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<p>its quite probable. Research in undergraduate years will be a real credit when applying for Master degree.</p>

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<p>That route should be just fine! However, it is very important to note that the field of linguistics is not about just learning foreign languages: it explores the fundamentals of language itself, not just the forms it takes. While learning other languages is certainly helpful and often necessary for the study of linguistics, the two pursuits are not the same thing. I think this link will explain what I mean: Some</a> basics: What is linguistics and how is it used </p>

<p>If your school offers them, there may be valuable courses that pertain to linguistics in the anthropology, psychology, and biology departments that you should consider taking to supplement your degree in a foreign language. I hope you do enjoy the field of linguistics; it is truly fascinating!</p>

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