bachelors of arts music

<p>Hello everyone, I just have a few quick questions. I was wondering what a bachelors of arts in music entails? I originally wanted to do composition but I realize that it is to late now to write scores and submit them to schools, and performance is out of the question for the same reason plus others. I was wondering if I could do a bachelors of arts in music and get around these pre screening requirements. I know that a lot of schools require pre screening but I was wondering if there are a few that don't. Also I was wondering if I were to go this route what should I expect in terms of classes. So if anyone knows any schools that fit this description let me know, it would be a plus if they used the common app since I already have that filled out and copies of the paper work made. If any of this is confusing let me know and I can clarify or provide more information. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it.</p>

<p>Generally, a BA compared to a BM is going to have less intense maybe 30 minute lessons instead of an hour, maybe not required to have a minor instrument, less semesters of music theory and history, not have to be in an ensemble every semester.....just take the BM requirements and it will be less numbers of classes. At my school, the number of classes for a BA in music is about half a BM, and they're not expected to practice as much either. It varies by school though, but that should hopefully give you somewhat of a vague idea about it...there was another thread recently about this where some people helped explain the differences between BA and BM. This thread talked about someone doing music and pre-med, but it helps explain some differences between BA music and BM, so read this, it should help: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Generally a BA program at a college or university does not have prescreening or auditions for admission. You can send a CD or score as a supplement to your application, but it isn't necessary. The BA does not usually involve performance, but includes more academic music classes in history, theory, ethnomusicology, composition and so on. You might audition to be part of extracurricular organizations, once on campus. There are many, many schools that fit this description. Apply to schools you like, and check out the music department site as well.</p>

<p>At my school, BA majors still audition and technically have the same requirements as far as the number of pieces, etc. but I think the auditions are less strict as far as how good they have to be, not quite sure...but sometimes that's what the policy is for BA.</p>